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Veracruzan Cardamom

Cardamomo Veracruzano - Beans (Tube)

  • Genre: Elettaria
    Species: Elettaria cardamomum

    It is native to India where it is widely used in cooking and as a remedy in Ayurveda Medicine. In the Scandinavian countries it is traditionally used in confectionery and the Arabs and Egyptians combine it with coffee to which it provides a delicious balance. Uses: Whole cardamom is usually used to flavor liquid foods or stews, it is very common in Indian and Asian cuisine, although when we become familiar with this spice we can incorporate it to taste in our usual recipes, just as we would do with rosemary, thyme … Ground cardamom is required in some preparations, for example, to make bread, buns, biscuits... although ground cardamom can also be added to stews. And so that its contribution to the dish is favourable, as with all spices, the ideal is to grind it moments before incorporating it into the preparation so that it displays all its aroma and flavor.

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